from worldwide experts on health, food and well-being

No need for everyone to be an expert in everything

We have more than 10 years of experience in coordinating, developing and publishing (inter)national reports based on the know-how, vision and practical experience of experts.

We bring together worldwide experts from a multitude of backgrounds and professional perspectives to provide knowledge and vision on topics in the areas of health, food and well-being. Our goal is to present this extensive practical and valuable know-how, vision and practical experience in an easily understandable and accessible way to the public.

Expert Groups

We create an independent environment for experts to share their knowledge


We encourage experts to capture their knowledge and experience into a vision


We publish the results of these expert procedures with transparency to the public

Approach: a look inside how we work

We observe the health and food industries to identify topics and issues in need of expert evaluation. We bring together global experts in groups to facilitate the independent evaluation of relevant solutions to such topics. Through our expert procedure framework, the topics are analyzed in a unique way from multiple perspectives and built around a guiding question to which the experts respond from their extensive know-how and expertise.

Identifying topics

We identify important and interesting global matters in the areas of health, food and well-being that are in need of professional reflection.

Presenting Global Knowledge

We initiate an expert project by approaching global experts with personal and practical knowledge and experiences on these issues.

Connecting experts

We connect experts to work collectively on presenting and defining relevant approaches and solutions for these topics.

Creating a vision

We integrate the expert know-how into a vision that we publish in (inter)national reports to boost and/or start new initiatives and ideas.

Spreading the knowledge

We present the expert-group's vision and solutions in an accessible, understandable and transparent way to the public.

Involving the media

Through the final report and use of diverse media outlets, we develop follow-up activities to reach the relevant public.

Focus: a look inside what we develop

The outcome of our 'expert procedure' framework is a published report, in print and online, freely available to the public. This report acts as a vehicle to boost existing initiatives and inspire new ones. Through this report and follow-up workshops and conferences, we build a platform where experts from various fields can share their knowledge and expertise.

The Patient Perspective on Access to Sight-Saving-Eye-Injections

This recently published expert procedure portrays the unique methodology of our work by showcasing the intellectual freedom of the participating experts. This national report for macula disorders has the support of 9 independent stakeholders.


Started from a global need, this expert procedure organized in Italy as the first example, addresses the need of reconnecting the youngest generations to food and all its aspects as an essential method for securing a sustainable feeding and development.

Global Young Leaders

We brought together a group of 8 international young people to exchange and evaluate how they created their life's path based on their needs and passions while facing life's challenges. The result? A model built from one young person to another.


The Chill-Food research has been published! The first research called 'Chill-Food Italia: Reconnecting children to the value of food for a sustainable future', developed in a first example country Italy, has been published in a report that's available in English and Italian on our website! Go to to find out more and start reading!

The Global Young Leaders handbook published in March this year has led to the creation of workshops as a 'real-life' follow-up of the expert procedure. Currently workshops are being held at schools, universities and independently in places like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, San Francisco, the Caribbean, with many more to come!