About Us

Our Foundation
Global Experts Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization with more than 10 years of experience in identifying global topics in the areas of health, nutrition and well-being that may need professional, scientific reflection and consensus by experts. The procedures aim to define relevant approaches and solutions for these issues. Global Experts Foundation is an initiative which emphasizes the need for experts to express their know-how and professional experience in an accessible and understandable way.

How We Work
We work by assessing different perspectives (general health perspective, clinical, economic, patient, social and/or cultural) and using evidence and practice based methods to validate relevance. The expert procedure results in a report published for external use. For each procedure, Global Experts Foundation identifies an Expert Group and an Expert Coordinator. We work with a zero-policy which means that experts are given the intellectual freedom to express their experience and expertise in the report, free from stakeholder influence. Therefore, the content of the report is fully developed and defined by the experts themselves. We ensure that the experts can work independently and impartially because their work has to represent their personal know-how, vision, and experience.

The founder and CEO of Global Experts Foundation, Marja H. Pronk, MD, is driven by the individual, health-care perspective; for people to have access to expert know-how and experience without stakeholder influences. Graduated as a medical doctor in 1987 from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Marja was inspired following 20 years of experience in the assessment and financing of medicines and medical therapies to create an environment where experts are given the opportunity to present their expertise and experience.

Marja founded Europe-ExPro in 2008 for facilitating this exchange through 'expert procedure' frameworks. These procedures focused on topics in health, clinical, economic and patient issues and resulted in the publication of (inter)national reports. In 2017, Europe-ExPro was transformed into the non-profit organization, Global Experts Foundation, which continues to work on a broader variety of topics, like food and well-being. 



GEF Team

The expert working-groups, conferences, workshops and online platforms are coordinated and facilitated by experienced and professional staff.

Marja Pronk

Chairman expert working-groups

Coordinator of expert working-groups

Office manager

Management assistant

Assistant to the management team

Team of writers

Professional writer

Professional specialized writers responsible for substantiating the insight and vision of experts.

Board of Advisors

The expert procedure execution can be facilitated and advised by a board of advisors. These advisors can be former experts, professionals in diverse organizations, or professionals with specific skills from the field. Such an advisor is not involved with producing the content together with the working expert-group during the procedure. Instead, they have the know-how and expertise to provide advices and constitute an independent body for supervising the methodology of the projects.


Funds through Global Experts Foundation

Global Experts Foundation forms partnerships and receives unconditional grants and funds from organizations, foundations, agencies and/or individuals who wish to stimulate, facilitate and support the development of expert procedures on certain topics that deem important. We invest the funds for researching topics that need expert vision, facilitating and coordinating the expert procedures, for writing and publishing the reports and for the recruitment of experts. Partners are given the opportunity to stimulate the transparent and independent public discussion on dertain topics to be accessible to everyone. 

We work with a 'zero-policy' which means that the experts are given the intellectual freedom to express their experiences and expertise in the report, free from all stakeholder influence. This policy applies to all organizations, institutions, policymakers, related branch organizations, and governmental organizations which may have an interest in the particular content of the expert procedure. 

Fund and grant suppliers do not have any input or influence on the expert procedures, nor are they involved in reviewing the outcomes before the publication of the expert report. We stress the importance that experts are given the intellectual freedom to express their experience and expertise in the report, free from stakeholder influence.