The Patient Perspective on Access to Sight-Saving-Eye-Injections

This recently published expert procedure portrays the unique methodology of our work by showcasing the intellectual freedom of the participating experts. This national report for macula disorders has the support of 9 independent stakeholders.


This expert procedure, organized in the Netherlands and Italy, aims to investigate how the integration of local food knowledge and all its aspects in the mindset of children can be an essential method for future sustainable feeding and development.

Global Young Leaders

We brought together a group of 8 international young people to exchange and evaluate how they created their life's path based on their needs and passions while facing life's challenges. The result? A model built from one young person to another.

Authentic Women

Women who follow their passion are successful in creating.

ADHD as a Strength

An expected expert procedure assessing the challenges of ADHD and how to see it as a positive quality of the individual instead of as a disease.

Orphan Medicinal Products: Challenges in Cost-Effectiveness

This report provides guidance on coverage decisions for (orphan) medicinal products that show limitations of the clinical data at the time of launch.