This expert procedure is a follow-up on the content of the 2015 EXPO in Milan. It brings together specialized experts to present their intellectual vision and consensus on the topic of local food culture and the relevance of developing this knowledge in the mindset of children and young adults. 

This topic of local food knowledge encompasses a chain of related perspectives, ranging from the economic (local production, employment and trade) and environmental (food waste and pollution) knowledge to the health (nutrition), cultural (traditional cuisine, social awareness) and technological (innovation) information. 

It is valuable to encompass all these different perspectives because food cannot be approached as a single concern anymore. Furthermore, it becomes more interesting to younger people because the younger generations are usually captivated by a variety of fields and can therefore address the food issues from more sides, meaning more solutions. Integrating all perspectives when discussing local food involves the younger generations to think, act and empower food and sustainability issues on all levels. The experts will assess whether securing the local food knowledge into the minds of the younger generations promotes sustainable production and consumption. The project also touches directly and indirectly on ten of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.