The Chill-Food Initiative: a reconnection to food within the youngest generations for a sustainable future 


The Motivation:
Food has an essential value in our lives through its ability to give health and well-being as well as create relationships, our culture and traditions. Connection to food means being aware of this value. On a global scale, however, we see signals of unsustainability: we are losing knowledge of culture and traditions, we have a rise in issues of nutrition and health, we are throwing away food and we are damaging nature. The intrinsic value of food has been lost and replaced for a simple "thing" with a "price". Our vision is that to achieve sustainability and a reconnection to the value of food, we must bring the knowledge and experience of food in the minds of children. The ‘Chill-Food’ initiative is created from this need with the aim to provide a model with a methodological framework and applicable and feasible solutions to move forward in this direction on a global level.

The Initiative:
‘Chill-Food’ is a global initiative which analyses the necessity of the education of children on food and all its connected factors as an essential method for securing a sustainable future and feeding habits. Initiated by our foundation, Global Experts Foundation, ‘Chill-Food’ is an ‘expert-procedure’ project in which the current need is evaluated by experts from 7 interrelated food-fields and transformed in a framework that contains the vision, the consensus and the implementation plan for moving forward on increasing the food knowledge among children.

From Global to Local: Italy
Coming from the global Chill-Food focus, we develop a first example model that can assess the current situation from a practical point of view and in-depth, in order to develop solutions and identify effective practical examples. For this reason, Chill-Food was started in Italy, as a unique country with its experience, tradition and vision in food. The Italian project brings together a team of 10 Italian professionals from around Italy, representing the 7 unique but interrelated food-fields: nutrition and health, culture and tradition, agriculture and production, environment, food consumption and experience, food waste and technology and innovation. Chill-Food Italia will lead to presenting the first example on this global topic through the creation of a vision, consensus, and its recommendations on implementation of effective solutions.


  • The Chill-Food Italia findings published in a report, available for free in Italian and English online, with the expert-group as authors and ambassadors (in Spring 2020)
  • Presentation of the outcomes in Italy and Europe at events throughout 2020: an own unique Chill-Food event, through the experts, TV, Italian embassies, etc.
  • The Italia model as a basis for developing the Chill-Food discussion in other countries, using the methodology, solutions and good practices for implementation or an example to use as a basis to adjust to local specific needs and own good practice
  • A first Chill-Food follow-up country will be the Netherlands based on the Italian model
  • From this European platform, follow-up activities will focus on implementation of a global Chill-Food


  • Unique focus on re-connecting to food and nature starting from the youngest generations
  • Learning about food from 7 inter-related perspectives to see the connection among them and create solutions on all levels
  • Developed based on real-life situations and practical experiences from professionals from the field
  • The solutions are ready for implementation with follow-up in Italy and Europe


Children must be at the center of an organic and critical formative process as far as the knowledge and forms and the practice of food are concerned. Food education must be known, understood and interpreted by the child through awareness and practice to make the new generations independent and autonomous from a commodified and industrialized food. This food deprives the person of autonomous and conscious management of the development and well-being of the body, in harmony with the overall fragile ecosystem of the world that must not be altered with an incorrect use of the precious and valuable foods that the earth makes available. An ethical and moral vision of food consumption can be achieved by helping to create and substantiate the reconnection of young people to food aimed at safeguarding the planet and at a world view in which it is increasingly necessary to participate in good sustainability practices.

Stay updated as our Chill-Food project is currently in ongoing - come back for more on our results, partners and implementation soon.



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