Global Young Leaders

We bring together a group of young individuals to document and describe their most relevant experiences on their path to leadership. The aim of the report is  to share and present practical know-how and personal and process-oriented challenges and approaches from young leaders to other young leaders.

There are countless opportunities worldwide for young leaders to innovate, create and produce ideas using their technical business skills, knowledge and education. These opportunities contribute to generating young leaders of which the world is in need of. However, in addition to this technical know-how, young leaders learn from personal experiences as well. These experiences contain useful information that provide young leaders with the practical tools to guide their personal and professional progress.


We believe that in order to harness and share this information is by letting young people in the middle of their studies and professional careers to be the experts for their peers. Discussing the topics, we would not find in any course.

This initiative seeks to develop an expert report by a group of international young leaders for other young leaders. The goal is to share and present practical information, know-how and vision of personal and process-oriented challenges and experiences that come up on the paths of  students or young professionals.